NEW Music  "On The Way" (or HERE already)

As I order new music I will post to this page the entire list of what's "on the way".  You should keep an eye on the list that I keep here `On Line' since it costs so much to print new books that I don't get it done quite as often as I should.   Remember that the lists are in PDF, DBF or spreadsheet  formats, sorted exactly the same as the printed books if titled as such.
As of today there are almost 140,000+ lines in the list(s).  (Less actually as the software I have now TRIES to eliminate most dupes.)

I more made the milestone I had set for myself.     Now to keep it from becoming a millstone. 

Remember that in order to get 2 or 3 NEW songs, I am usually stuck with
additional copies of some other songs already in the list.  And yes, most
DO cost me a little MORE than a dollar a song, even for the dupes...) 
YEAH!!  Now I can buy and download single tracks.
Still about $2.99 per track, but it beats buying a 29.95 CD to get the ONE song I (or you) want.

Go to the  SONG LIST page to download the latest song list books or files BUT THESE files (if any here) are additions to the others.. 

I believe that ALL the songs listed in the file here are from the Pop Hits Monthly series. Pop Hits is changing or has changed it's name to "Sing It now"   I've also discovered that SunFly has purchased Legend Series and Magic Tracks WAS Sweet Georgia Brown.  So far, Sound Choice has stayed Sound Choice.  :-)  Remember that when you sign up you need to let me know if you have a Karaoke Brand preference. Some of the newer stuff is not on the "old School" brands.




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