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Please note that Mama is the Heart in the center, top flag! 



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The "We The People" Newspaper
The Printed version may be gone,
but they're still strong and On Line.

The Russian River's Resort
IS BACK!! But is now
"The R 3 Hotel"


Russian River Concierge
Are you looking for a place to stay while here?

6632 Covey Road, Forestville, California 95436
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A Site of links to MANY places in this area.
Was recently updated. Checking on Mgmt.
A Definite Community Bar, ALWAYS giving back!

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Christopher Linnell

Christopher & Co. Celebrity Impersonations

On a personal note;  He sings VERY WELL too!
Not that I've seen OR heard RJ, in person, in AGES,  :-)

A few (on line) places I shop
(The names tell you what they sell.)
the 2 bottom links are 99 cents to 3.99 per song
Most of my Karaoke equipment and most of the music I have
has come from the "karaoke" sites listed here. 

No Web link, but a GREAT place
Mill Street Thrift
For the Community, BY The Community
Donations accepted during open hours only.
14075 Mill Street, Guerneville

MY Calendar. Who, Where, When, Why, What and How  :-)

A GREAT place with tons of fun!

Karaoke Thursdays.

Another great place! Karaoke Friday Nights.

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Sonoma County Wineries Association

Alternative News and Information.


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