Sing, Sing a Song, Sing it loud...  

(OK...   Maybe not THAT loud...) Oh, wait, Jennifer and "I" have control of THAT... :-)

  • Music is emotion that you can hear... ( I said that at 9 years old. )
  • Music can touch places in the heart that words alone can't reach.

                               This page was updated Oct 9th, 2013

The Download Links were moved up here so you don't HAVE to read all of this page or search it.  See, I'm a nice fella.  ;-)   

Dan's-Songlist-By ARTIST-(date).[file type] = Sorted by the artists name and as always check for first and last names of the artists. B's and G's for Garth Brooks. 

Dan's-Songlist-By TITLE-(date).[file type] = Sorted by the Song Title.  The date in the file name is when it was last updated.

Remember that these are the song LISTS / BOOKS, NOT the music itself, OR lyrics... Remember that an artists name with (AJ) or (DAN) in it just means that that's the track AJ or can I sing if and when we do sing. 

Dans Songlist by Artist 0-16-2017.pdf   The name says it all.  Right click to "SAVE AS" or just click to open in your browser. IF you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader (available above).  You MAY NOT be able to search if it opens in your browser.  ONLY as a file on your computer.  This file is 1.59 Megs (Better Dupe catcher in ARTIST than in Title)  Ignore the (DAN) and (AJ) listings, those are songs AJ & I can sing. :-)

Dans Songlist by Title 08-16-2017.pdf  The name says it all.  Right click to "SAVE AS" or just click to open in your browser IF you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader (available above). You MAY NOT be able to search if it opens in your browser.  ONLY as a file on your computer.  This file is 1.8 Megs (Worse at catching Dupes than in the Artist Version) Ignore the (DAN) and (AJ) listings, those are songs AJ & I can sing. :-)  

 Karaoke means "Empty Orchestra" in Japanese.  I have NO idea how the name came to be or why, but once in awhile I hear someone sing that "shouldn't oughta" or someone else that amazes me because they should have Garth Brooks, B.J Thomas, Bette Midler, Bryan Adams or Madonna as their driver taking them to concerts where they should be performing and it ALMOST makes sense to me. Keep in mind that sometimes the WORST singer in the house can be the BEST entertainer and sometimes even the best singer is better heard with your eyes closed.  At my shows, Karaoke is about having FUN!  It's not about being a clone of the person that did the song you are now singing. 

  Almost One Hundred Fifty Thousand...   ( 150,000+ )   Trackss in the list now... 
I've pulled several OUT of the list...(6000+ deleted since March of 2009) with LOTS more to dispose of... But new  ones ALWAYS coming in.

 For those of you that have asked, (OK, Maybe for SOME of you that DIDN'T ask, too) I've put my song list(s) HERE for you to download when you'd like.  There are times when I get it updated a few times a week and times when it may go months with out being added to, redone or edited.   OH!  Everything is stored in a Database for ME now, so there are NO SONG NUMBERS.  All I need when you sign up is:   YOUR NAME, The SONG NAME and the ORIGINAL ARTIST.  IF YOU HAVE A PREFERENCE for a particular BRAND of Karaoke disk, WRITE THAT DOWN TOO and as long as I have that version, you'll get it. The brands are NOT listed in the list(s).

The lists/files are still using the actual songs so when looking for an artist, or when you search for Garth Brooks, look in the G's and the B's.   In the "by song title" list, you might find two listings for a song.  For example:    "A Night To Remember" and "Night To Remember, A".   Then again, you might NOT find a song listed both ways since I've tried to do away with that kind of dupe.  NOTHING in the lists should start with "A" or "THE".  I've deleted all of those dupes that I could find.  The files were getting too big and they don't EVEN need to be inflated.   ALSO...  When a spreadsheet sorts things,  (These files started as Lotus version 9 spreadsheets)  "IT'S" is before  "IT IS" so don't give up until you've gone through ALL The " IT    " possibilities. 

AND!!  The newer songs/CD came with a file already typed.  The artists names were NOT the same way I did mine.  SOME are sorted first name first and some are not.  Be careful as you look through and you may have to check BOTH names.  IE:  When you look at the book or file BY ARTIST, check the G's AND B's for Garth Brooks. [And yes, I know, I get to repeating myself.  :-) ] 

The files are READY to be downloaded.  (Now at the top of this page...) If you need something other than what I have here (the lists below), let me know ASAP. 
Or via text to my cell phone AND let me know who's texting. #'s on the card on the 1st page.

  MOST songs are in the hard books AND ALL are HERE now in the PDF files.  Remember that if you want me to try to find a song, e-mail me and I'll keep searching.  If you drop a note in the tip jar, I look once and the note gets "misplaced" soon after that.  e-mail is saved until I FIND what we're looking for.  ;-)  My BIG SPAM account has been closed so Emails don't get lost anymore, assuming I GET them. 

There "NEW" file lists are at the bottom of this page.  Once they are combined into the main
list, there will again be no "NEW" lists.  (for awhile anyway.)

NOTE the file sizes on these things! They are NOT small files.  The PDF files will (OK, MIGHT) open "IN" your browser if you don't right click and "Save As" or "Save Target As".  Remember that to search for words you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which just happens to be linked from here.   I have converted to PDF format to save a LOT of disk space AND because that's how the new program works.  I wouldn't have gone this route if the files weren't still searchable. 

 The System IS ready and is now all digital! It took MONTHS to convert all the CD's to digital, but it's been well worth it.    The list is now at close to 140,000 songs!  I am trying to keep it at around 150,000 by deleting OLDER dupes, bad tracks on CD's etc.  So I may be adding a lot of newer stuff with out letting the list/book get TOO much bigger.
I no longer have DVD or Super CDG Players or ANY kind of disk players at the shows. Otherwise everything is now converted to digital.
If you bring in a DIGITAL (On a jump drive or CD) Karaoke song, I should be able to play it.  If you being in a CDG or VCD disk, I May be
able to play that for you as well IF I HAVE LOTS OF NOTICE.  Other types are NOT playable at MY shows with out GOOD prior notice. 
Converting a VCD or DVD to a playable digital form takes awhile and I STILL haven't even done mine YET, but I don't really want  "Video Karaoke".

 Remember that you won't be allowed to sing more than one song "at a time or in a row" unless it's YOUR party.   :-)  

 Please read through the rules for information on how the shows run.  I use a sign up sheet rather than slips and your name can only be on the list ONCE.  Once you've finished your song, you aren't on the list any more and can immediately put your name back on the list, and then look up or decide on the song you want to do.  If you do not finish that line before it's your turn (ie: Put a song by your name), you will be skipped and have to add your name again.   I use a place holder in the "on screen list of singers" to remind you that "YOU NEED A SONG UP HERE" IF you don't get a song to me, you will never be "next". If you are called to sing and do not answer, I will call your name 3 times and then mark you off the list UNLESS YOU HAVE TOLD ME that you will be gone for a "few" minutes.  If you are marked off, you have to add your name again, at the bottom of the list.
If you hear  and then a "your name Going Once... your name Going twice..." you'd better yell, loudly that you're here and ready to go.  :-)

Adobie READER is NECESSARY to open PDF Files go to and download the a newer version from the adobe web site. 

If you have problems with these files, please e-mail me so I can track down the problem.   And HEY!!   If you are singing with me a lot, ask for the following files on a CD.  OR copied to your Jump Drive or...

 The books are now closte to or over 700 pages and to have them printed OR attempt to print them myself would cost me a fortune, so I have a laptop with me and you are more than welcome to bring your own and have the files put on it.  IF YOU "KNOW" WHAT YOU WANT TO SING, JUST ASK ME,  Since it's ALL digital now, I can look to see if I have a song faster than either of us can flip through a book.  If you have no idea what you want to sing, grab a book or one of these files. (Assuming everything went right with the file writer, the Title book is a little over 700 pages and the artist, a little over 600 pages. (Or reverse that. <grin> Any song that shows (AJ) or (Dan) in the artist section would just be the version AJ or I sing.  Feel free to specify that version if you sing that song.  NEW BOOK WILL BE (or was) PRINTED, JULY 2015.

If you have the older files you may have listings that are now deleted. (No song should totally vanish, but a brand or track might)
These are program printed PDF files, so I have added no OTHER information to them. 

EVERYTHING was in the OLDER Database file along with an EXE program to allow searching by song, Artist or even song number.  There is a read-me file in the Zip, so read that first.  I scan everything so "I" know there are no bugs here, but to be triple safe.  You scan it too.  Click the link to download the Song Program and complete database, < > This was created Feb 3rd, 2006. (NEWER SONGS ARE NOT HERE) This included EVERYTHING through Feb, 2006  The program is DOS based but should work on any PC.

Click there >>   NewMusic    None here as of 01-01-2017. It's all in the Files now.
(and SOON in the printed book.)

No more SIGN UP SLIPS.  There is now a list that you sign up on/at.  When you sign up, your name "is on the list".  You can not have your name on the list more than once.  When you sing your song (OR DUET) your name is marked off and then you can add another song OR Duet

The total line/song count is close to 140,000  (as of 8-18-2011 it was back down to 136,000 or so) I Think that's a few more songs than any other Karaoke show "I've" been to so I guess I'll have to start going to a few more, farther away from home. (Yes, I know...  It's not nice to brag.)    <grin>   [DO keep in mind that there are many duplicates of several songs as ALL Karaoke Hosts (KJ's) have.  Some are alike and some are totally different versions.] I am still doing away with dupes as I can as that speeds the computer up. MOST dupes don't show in the lists. The book software tries to eliminate as many as possible, so you shouldn't see 19 lines of "Friends In Low places" any more.   I AM STILL editing the actual track names in an attempt to do away with song names that start with numbers, First Name, Last Name of artists etc.  If you've been through a lot of these files, I HOPE you're seeing SOME improvement.  :-)

Having lost ALL the digital music I'd edited and stored on 2 drives New Years Eve, 2012, I have restored from ancient back ups and am re-editing things as well as searching through the CD's for anything not already ripped to digital.  Because of this, the list will be a LITTLE (more) messed up for awhile (as in, it's an older list) All song NAMES ARE AVAILABLE, but a few brands of disks or tracks are gone until I can track them down again.  For example, some like a certain song on the TU Brand.  That track, or song is missing, but I DO have the song on SC, or MH or...




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