In case this page is out of date, please check (without any /other-page.) The main page does get more attention... From readers AND ME.  :-)

You can now sing, Five nights a week in Guerneville...   Mon., Tues., Thurs, Fri,  and Sunday at various places in Guerneville. or CLOSE to Guerneville.
 Tuesdays and Thursdays (8PM) at McT's Bull Pen,   Fridays and Sundays (8PM) at The R3 Hotel.  (Was the RRR)   Saturdays at 9:00 at Northwood (Golf Course Restaurant.)
<Please note that on New Years Eve, Thurs, 12-31-2013)  I will NOT be at the Bull Pen, due to a prior they made for a great Live Band.>

WELCOME JENNIFER!! My sometimes assistant / Helper / Fill in / FUN person / and MORE.  Her information is on the main page here. 

Check my Calendar from the main page AND if you'd like me to add anything to it, let me know.
Please see the links to each on my links page.

I have information on the Karaoke shows I run and some other things in the area now.  My song list is on line so that anyone that wants can down load it and pre-plan what YOU would like to sing when you come to one of the shows I run.  All of the files on line now are in PDF format and are searchable.   I have a LOT of Country, Rock, Show Tunes, Some Rap, other languages and I even have a pretty good kids section. You'd be amazed at where some of THOSE are used too.   There are more "styles" in the books, but I don't want to mess with THAT now.  :-)   The reason the books say "Country Dan's" is that "I" sing mostly Country, NOT because that's all that's in the list.   Those if you with "Smart Phones" can easily store, read and search the song lists on your phones or PDAs.

Please feel free to e-mail me at .  There's a link at the bottom of this page)  You can e-mail me about ANYTHING, for information FROM me, about me, request pictures, other links or...   (UNLESS you're selling something other than yourself)  <grin> 

OK, Back to Karaoke, singing, having fun, and even if YOU don't sing, enjoying the really good, (OR REALLY bad) singers that do.  Some of EACH can be a blast to listen to.  Sometimes the worst singer can put on the BEST show and once in awhile the BEST singer is better heard with your eyes closed... 

You can usually find me doing or running Karaoke at one of a few places in Guerneville or Santa Rosa.
You know... Guerneville. That quaint little town in the Redwoods, up the (I suppose that's DOWN the) Russian River. Anyway...

I AM also available for private shows.  Call or send me an email for info, rates etc.  While I can DJ a bit, most of my music is Karaoke and not designed just to be played as background or dance.  If you need  a DJ, other than what I call a Juke Box DJ, (me)  let me know and I'll see who I can have give you a call... 


AND...  When I'm runnin' the show, YOU ARE THE SHOW.  (But keep in mind that "I" am RUNNING it.) 

Read the RULES page because there have been some minor problems with this...  


Voice and Text Contact Information: 
Voice Only    561-594-2393 or 707-869-5804 (refers back to the first number)
Voice MESSAGES or Text 707-394-5176  or  (PREFERRED - Cell Phone 707-888-1097)  There's always Email as well. 

For more information about me or Karaoke,  Send me an e-mail from here.


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