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Country Dan's Karaoke     (and other info)

  <Yeah... That's me.  AND Jennifer> 
    Country Dan's Karaoke huh?  (and a bit more...)

That's why you got here via http://www.CountryDan.com OR http://www.DANLH.com  :-)   AND...

Back to 5 nights a week and all "At the River".

The R 3 Hotel, "formerly the Russian River Resort" is open again and as of Jan 1st, 2012, I've be back there running Karaoke on Fridays AND Sundays! Brand new, superb sound system that we'll be using, now, too.  8 monitors in the main bar as well as the one in the back room.  We WILL have to keep the volume down a bit due to the neighbors, but it will  still be great!  (later note) We've got it all figured out now and it's back to sounding GOOD.  As there is a great Trivia Game hosted at the Resort, on the screens, SOME screens have Karaoke, some the game and once in awhile, something special on others. There's a link on my main page, to the R3Hotel page AND it's on Facebook.

Mondays, at Main Street Bistro. Earlier than the others too. From 6:00 to 11:00. ALL Ages are welcome too!

Tuesdays AND Thursdays, at the fantastic Bull Pen.  (McT's Bull Pen) There's a link on my first page here to their web page and their Face Book page.  The room is great, the sound is fantastic. The bartenders are Wonderful!

Saturdays at the Northwood Golf Course Restaurant has been put off for awhile. The after 9:00 crowd wasn't really bringing them what I had hoped. If they have a large, special group, they will give me a call for a Saturday Night. 

So...  It's ALL River Venue's for me again.  I gave the Nutty Irishman Saturdays to Bobby D., of Flamingo fame (When I put Northwood and the R3 on new days.)  It's been sold to some great folks, has a GREAT remodel job and  they MAY be starting Karaoke again. I have seen the changes in styling and decor and I was thrilled at the room it seems to have added. Singing or not, if you haven't been to the Nutty (New name) in awhile, DO check it out! 

The Song list was updated Aug 2017.  There are still almost 150,000 songs in the list and to be honest, I've pulled several thousand bad ones OUT of the list. (6000+ "deleted") The new, improved and COMPLETE list IS LOADED AND HERE.  (2 PDF files, 1 by title and 1 by artist...)  Note that Songs "I" sing, or AJ sings have had our names added to the Artists names so WE can find `em faster.  :-)  You want the version I sing? Easy to find.  

     I have a TON of music in the lists but when "I" sing, it's almost always Country.  "Hence the name Country Dan" Of course, YOU are more than welcome to sing any Country (or other) song in the list and I have a LOT of `em.   When I started this, ages ago, it was more for ME.  I bought the disks that had the songs on them that the OTHER Karaoke DJ's (KJ's)  didn't have.  It kind of grew from there as you'll see when you get to the song list section.  I've got almost 140,000 songs listed now.  There are copies of, or Dupes of several, but ALL KJ's do.  As time allows I will cut it down to SONGS rather than lines in the book(s).  If you sing with me and there is something you'd like to see in the list, drop me a note (E-Mail or a note in the tip jar) and I will see if I can find it.  If you e-mail and don't get ANY reply in 3 days, resend your message.  I have SUPER filters from hell here and they catch a bit more than I'd like once in awhile.  Since buying single tracks via digital download is legal now, I can, IF AVAILABLE, purchase and download a song while at any venue now.  SO if there's a song you'd like to sing that I don't have, let me know and we'll check right then and there. Some have shown up a week or three after my first checking, so don't give up unles it's an OLD song.  Some music was never licensed to Karaoke.  :-(     

The list of links to the left (each should open in a NEW window) will take you to pages of information on me, or to people, places and things that I like.  I run Karaoke 2 nights a week in the Russian River Area (Guerneville) as well as doing computer consulting for folks and businesses in the area.  I am busy most of the time, so I have been having to tell some people that I don't have time for much.  When I do THAT though, I will almost always send people somewhere else for the help that they need.   Click for  My Calendar and If you would like something added to my calendar, OR my Links page here, let me know.

  If you have any questions or need something that I don't have posted here, feel free to drop me a note and I'll see what I can do.  I do NOT want my e-mail address used for junk mail.  (Hence those super filters from hell) and If you're selling anything other than yourself, don't bother.  :-)  I'm sure jennifer feels the same way.

If you would like links to OTHER information about me, let me know and I will send the appropriate links or information. 

  Voice and Text Contact Information: 
Voice Only    561-594-2393 or 707-869-5804 (refers back to the other number) or 415-237-0565
Voice MESSAGES or Text 707-394-5176  or  Cell Phone (Preferred) 707-888-1097  There's always Email as well. 

 Jennifer's number is on her card shown at the top of this page and on the main web page here. I'm leaving them in picture format to disallow most spam bots and telemarketers access. 

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